CI 2000 - Profile

Our Logo epitomizes our design values. Designed by Andre’ Arbus, this bronze and pear wood ‘sculpture’ is displayed at the Musee Des Arts Decoratives, Paris. “Even the banal transforms into the sublime in our hands.”
Poetic storylines that are integral to our concept development process evolve into technically perfect, feasible design ideas.
The CI2000 team consists of members very focused on hospitality design merging their individual talents to provide clients with multi-dimensional, cohesive hospitality design themes.
A pragmatic R & D oriented approach wherein abstract concepts are rationalized by consulting experts of the chosen field results in cutting edge design solutions high on sybaritic quotients.
Be it Design Centric Boutique Hotels, branded chain Hospitality Centres, Wellness Retreats, Leisure Resorts and SPAS, Iconic Restaurants and Bars, our concepts are Avantgarde.
Great acclaim is a given as proved by our track record.

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